Super Soft Silver

Super Soft Silver™ - just the right balance between white and silver

• Easier to use than shiny silver reflectors
• Softer fill light with flash and bright outdoor light
• Avoid hot spots common with shiny silver reflectors
• Higher quality fabrics are more durable

Our Super Soft Silver™ reflectors are easier to use than shiny silver reflectors because they produce a softer, more pleasing, and less directional light, especially when used with bright light sources. This helps to eliminate hot spots commonly produced by the mirror-like surfaces of shiny silver reflectors.

We designed our own custom Super Soft Silver fabric to make a better reflector.  Our Rogue Super Soft Silver reflectors are also more durable than typical off-the-shelf silver reflectors.  We apply a thick coating of our Super Soft Silver to a heavier base fabric, then stitch it to the spring steel frame with a heavier grade spandex.  We selected these heavier fabrics for our reflectors because they are better suited to hold up over time. 

Natural White - natural fill light without the bluish tint

The Natural White fabric we use in our Rogue 2-in-1 collapsible reflectors is remarkably neutral, providing a more natural and pleasing fill light.

We designed the Natural White base fabric of our 2-in-1 reflectors without optical brighteners, chemicals added to fabrics in order to increase their reflectivity.  We avoided the use of optical brighteners because they reflect blue light more efficiently than other light in the visible spectrum, i.e. red, yellow, green.  While this looks great under a black light, it can create an undesirable bluish tint when used in a photographic reflector.

  • Avoid unwanted bluish tint when using the Natural White reflector surface
  • No optical brighteners in the fabric
  • More natural and reflected light